This is a strange story for me to write. It will at times be a sad story, in many ways it will be happy and perhaps even funny. It will be an adventure that entails anxiety, flirting with danger, fortitude in the face of adversity and many attempts to look on the bright side. There will also no doubt be moments of anguish and despair, and a lot of uncertainty. It's a story that will hopefully be cathartic for me, but also interesting and perhaps informative or even entertaining for others.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Years Later

Two years ago I was in the car on the way to spend some money in the post-Christmas sales when I received a call from my oncologist, "I have your biopsy results, can you come in today?". We went straight to his office, where I received my official cancer diagnosis. Looking back on that day it seems like it never really happened, like it was actually someone else going through that. But the reality is it was happening to me.

Now on December 30th 2011, exactly two years later, my life is getting back to 'normal'. Of course there is a new 'normal' for me, as I know that life will never be the same for me. There are positive changes that one can make after being faced with death, but there are also many difficult things that I'm just going to have to learn to live with. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't worry the cancer will come back, and I still have some lingering physical problems.

The biggest thing for me though, is knowing the people that are special to me. In my life before cancer I new I had great friends and family, but I now know just how wide that network is and how much they actually mean to me. I'm sure that I wouldn't be here writing this without their support.